Adam Peek
Areas of Strength
Packaging and manufacturing sales, prospecting, social selling

I help with :
  • B2B Sales
  • Sales Training
  • How To Grow Sales
  • How To Train Sales Team

More about me

I specialize in helping manufacturing and packaging companies transform their sales teams from product and pricing based selling to problem-centric selling. I draw on my experience in the industry as both a direct rep, sales leader, supply chain buyer, and customer service rep. You can learn all about me at or on LinkedIn at


I inadvertently learned about Gap Selling while I was a college pastor and was taught about evangelism using something called The Bridge Illustration. Little did I know, that background of learning how to ask questions, understand people, dig in on processes, and extract information would set me up for a life in sales. Since I entered the sales world, I have learned how to leverage Gap Selling and social platforms to outperform my personal budget by 20-25% every year for 8 consecutive years and now lead a team of 13 direct reports.

Location and language:

  • America/Denver
  • English

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